Self-assessment for Health and Safety in small businesses

Do you shudder when you hear the phrase Health and Safety? For many the very idea immediately brings with it feelings of anxiety and fear. Not only does the responsibility weigh heavy on the mind of most business owners, but the seeming minefield of dos and don’ts often feels much too difficult to traverse. However, it really does not need to be such a heavy burden. It can be broken down into small manageable chunks which are easy to navigate, with the end result being a clear, conscience plan and peace of mind that you have done all you can to ensure the safety of your employees.

Did you know that in 2017/18, 1.4 million working people in Great Britain suffered from a work related illness and 147 workers were killed at work in 2018/19[1]? These figures are not provided to worry you but to stress the importance of ensuring a safe working environment for all staff in your business.  That’s not to say you can eliminate all risks. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way, and accidents will always happen. However, if you have done your utmost to try to prevent such incidents occurring, not only are they less likely to occur, but if and when they do, you can rest assured that blame will not fall at your door.

Here at Acton Health and Safety we understand how difficult it can be for small business to find time and resources to ensure all aspects of Health and Safety legislation are understood and implemented. That is why we have provided a handy self-assessment questionnaire for you to complete to give you an overview of your current Health and Safety processes, procedures and systems. This will help to bring everything together and highlight any gaps in your current systems which need addressing. The questionnaire is free to complete with no obligation. However, if you provide your contact details, we will deliver a personalised report direct to your inbox with our recommendations in order for you to meet your legal responsibilities.  Click on the link below now to complete the self-assessment for your business:

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