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How to Prevent Slips and Trips in the Workplace in 2021
20th December 2021
Nearly 20,000 slips and trips were reported to RIDDOR in the 2019-20 reporting year, with over eight times as many reported to the Labour Force Survey. That's 29% percent of all repo...
Fire Safety at Work – Advice on False Alarm Calls
15th December 2021
According to the Report of Fire and Rescue Incident Statistics as published by the Home Office, Fire and Rescue services responded to 220,432 false fire alarm calls in 2020, around 6...
Suffering Back Pain at Work? Here’s What to Do
7th December 2021
Around 1.2 million people report suffering with back-related aches and pains from work each year. Any number of factors can contribute to back problems, and the effects they cause can r...

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