So, I’m the Health and Safety Lead… Now what?

Whatever you decide to do either outsourcing or keeping your health and safety in house you have a legal duty to ensure that you have competent Health and Safety support. As an employer you must ensure that people are safe which include staff, contractors and the general public during the employers business activities, and that all employees have a proportionate level of health and safety understanding.

Organisations have a legal duty to provide competent health and safety support
The ever-changing legislation is wide-ranging and industry-specific.
Your health and safety ‘competent person’ has a challenging role, so there are many benefits of outsourcing the support.

Are you aware of the challenges of managing health and safety in-house

1. Making sense and keeping up with the ever evolving HSE legislation and regulations
2. The need for staff to have the detailed knowledge of health and safety.
3. Time taken from day to day duties.
4. Ensuring your policies and procedures are kept up to date and compliant with the current legislation.
5. Identifying and managing risk
6. Ensuring that you do not exposing your staff to unnecessary risks.
7. Exposure to possible legal action.
8. Developing robust and practical procedures for dealing with incidents at work.
9. Cost of absenteeism and staff turnover.
10. The cost of devoting management time to health and safety.

Failure to have robust and practical policies, procedures and arrangements can lead to significant business costs ranging from lost time, damage to reputation and even legal implications and personal liability for Directors and managers.

If outsourcing health and safety suits your needs, we can offer a bespoke service tailored to your needs and requirements

The benefits of outsourcing health and safety.

1. Our goal is to keep health and safety simple to the point and no unnecessary or complicated step.
2. Our consultants have a wealth of training and experience from across a wide range of sectors and scale.
3. Depending on your organisations needs we regularly update you on your company’s performance and compliance.
4. You will receive regular updates on legislation changes and we will notify you of amendments that might affect your organisation and how best to manage them.
5. We take the pressure of your staff to let them focus on their main duties and therefore you save on management time.
6. With our client illusion managers you will have the confidence that all health and safety issues are being managed properly and in accordance with the regulations.
7. When help you to manage and reduce you risks and hazards that are in the workplace.
8. We assist with accident investigation, reviewing processes and we can be on site when you need us.
9. Improving your organisations health and safety culture and welfare will reduce absenteeism and staff turnover.
10. Most clients find that outsourcing health and safety responsibilities to Acton Edocs Systems LTD reduces costs time and helps relieve some of the pressure of running your business.

So are you asking why choose a company like Acton Edocs?

• We offer a personal bespoke cost-effective service.
• Straight forward and sensible advice.
• We Keep it Simple
• You will get a good night sleep

There is a long list of what we can offer but rest assured we provide the bespoke safety systems and support you need

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